US shutdown could stretch into January, Trump aide warns

Trump aide warns in US

The US might continue its partial shutdown till the next Congress session on 3rd January 2019 The Partial shutdown is taken due to no consensus on budget spending.

The partial US shutdown started at midnight on Friday. This happened as the opposition Democrats disagreed with Trump’s demand for $5bn for his Mexico border wall.

Mr. Trump’s acting chief of staff said the Democrats were stuck to their left wing.

A Democratic senator said his party is not ready for any help for the wall.

Earlier, the Democrats offered a fund worth $1.3bn for border security.

Mr. Trump posted on Twitter on in defense of his plans. While talking to ABC’s, Sen Merkley said a 30-foot concrete wall is not the smart way to deal.

The Republican Party controls both chambers of the Congress, and they passed the budget by 217 votes to 185. But, he will need 60 votes in the 100-seat Senate.


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